April 13, 2001

Fulton, IL - The grinding stones and their associated mechanisms
Arrival of the container in Fulton

Friday the 13th, 2001. Good Friday.

It was a good Friday. The shipment of the container with the grinding stones and the associated mechanisms arrived safely in Fulton, IL.
City crew workers and volunteer millers worked together to unload the newest addition of the windmill.

Unloading the Truck - View from the Mill
The birds have the best view of the unloading process.

Randy Balk, Pete Simpson, and Dwight Hoogheem look on as pieces of the windmill are unloaded from the container.

Ed Kolk unloads bilinga wood from the container as John Blunt helps steady the beam.

Pieces of the windmill sit on a city truck awaiting the arrival of the millwrights from the Netherlands.

Pieces of the windmill begin to stack up in preparation for their addition to De Immigrant.

Many pieces of the windmill are stacked up both inside and out.

The long-awaited grinding stones have arrived in Fulton to add the final touches to De Immigrant to make it a fully functional, authentic Dutch windmill.

The grinding stones sit outside of “De Immigrant” along with pieces of bilinga beams.

Truck driver Todd DiBenedetto from Michael’s Cartage, Inc. shares a
doughnut with the millers. Todd told the volunteer millers that this was on the best deliveries he has ever made.

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