Late October, 1999

Fulton, IL, USA - Arrival of the Second Shipment & Construction of the Head

Meanwhile in Fulton, the 2nd shipment had arrived.

The first focus of Eric, Guus and Johan was to (re)construct the head.

Here the reconstruction of the head has begun: the interior structure as it had been constructed, assembled and disassembled in the Molema workshop already stands in front of the octagon and the concrete substructure.

Not yet prefabricated, but made to size in Fulton, is the first exterior lining of the head with pine wood.

One and a half by one and a half inch lengths of pine are nailed onto the interior bilinga structure to finally create what could maybe be best described in terms of craftmanship as an "upside down boat".

The final layer is "roof leather" or rolls of shingel of a green-greyish color.

After finishing the internal structure and the exterior finishing, the workmen concentrate on installing the interior works.

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