November 18, 1999

Fulton, IL, USA - Finally the sails and the axis arrive

As soon as the truck with the axis and sails had arrived,

all hands available started unloading the container. City workers again proved an enormous help.

The previous day we all had the feeling that the goddess Fortuna was not on our side. But today she obviously decided to start helping us.
Cattani Crane Rental had a job in Clinton, IA and wanted to park their crane somewhere overnight: they chose the parking lot in Fulton next to the windmill...
This was just the kind of crane we could very well use to speed up the process of installing the axis. It would easily cut at least an hour off the time we would need otherwise.

After a phone call to their head offices Cattani Crane Rental decided to give us a hand. Thanks Bill!

Although it still required a lot of work,

installing the axis with the help of the City crew and Cattani's crane was a breeze compared to what it normally takes.

After final installation work inside the head we all were ready for the "Big Lift" on the day we had originally set for it: Friday, November 19, 1999; thanks to a US - Canadian - Dutch joined effort!

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