July 30, 1999

Heiligerlee - The Netherlands - The head and sails 1

Back in the Netherlands, after a 7 weeks stay in the US, the Molema's and their staff plus families throw a little bbq party in celebration of the beginning of summer break.
The party takes place inside their workshop, filled partly by now with new materials for the (pre)construction of the head and central axis, plus the sails.

Part of the wood for the head lies piled up waiting to be used after the summer break.

The rods for the sails are constructed following a historic design, but instead of wood, metal is used. Above the last of the 4 rods is just finished...

while the rest is all ready waiting for the October shipment to Fulton.

After summer break this wood...

and this, on the other side of the drive way, will be transformed into the head, central axis and the wood part of the sails for the Fulton windmill.

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