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Building Windmill De Immigrant in Fulton, Illinois

Windmill De Immigrant Fulton, Il

The City of Fulton, IL. is celebrating its Dutch heritage by the construction of an authentic Dutch windmill. The Dutch companies Molema Millwrights, Bulder Projectbureau and Havenga Restoration Contractors were asked to construct the Fulton windmill.

The first part of the work on the Beltmolen-type windmill was finished in May of 2000. The windmill was operational in the sense that the head could be turned to position the sails into the direction of the wind and the sails were turning on the wind.

In May of 2001 phase 2 was completed. The Molemas have installed the grinding stones and the internal gears for the grinding stones.
De Immigrant is now a completely operational Dutch windmilll for grinding grain.

Internet surfers are able to watch the complete process on this internet site by clicking the link Photos.
Most recent photos: May 5, 2001: Dedication of the grinding stones

3D model Stagemill: Arches architects, NL