May 2, 2001

Fulton, IL - The grinding stones and their associated mechanisms
The first grinding at "De Immigrant" on Wednesday, May 2, 2001.

Eighteen volunteer millers gathered at "De Immigrant" on Wednesday evening to inaugurate the millstones. Buckwheat was the grain of choice for the event, and the millers took turns adjusting the millstones, lifting bags using the sack hoist, and checking the final product.

The millers were impressed with how easy it was to handle the new equipment, and they felt their miller training in the Netherlands had prepared them for the hometown grind. Eric and Guus from Molema Millworks assisted the millers in the use of the equipment.

The millers will begin grinding buckwheat to sell at the windmill Dutch Days weekend, providing there is adequate wind power for the new canvas sailcloth.

Guus with First Sack of Grain: Guus from Molema Millworks uses the sack hoist for the first time to lift buckwheat to millstones.

Eric Checking Runner Stone: Eric from Molema Millworks checks millstones while buckwheat is milling.

Millers Checking First Ground Grain: The volunteer millers from "De Immigrant" celebrate the initial full bag of ground grain to be produced at Fulton's authentic Dutch windmill.


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