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Building Windmill De Immigrant in Fulton, Illinois

May 4 & 5, 1999

Heiligerlee, The Netherlands - Shipment time

During the latter part of last week and the first days of this week, the Molema's and their staff have been working very hard to load the containers for shipment to Fulton.

Today, May 5th, newspaper articles will appear in most regional newspapers in the northern Netherlands and in the Fulton Press about the shipment later today of the containers.
Mrs. Ida Mulder, press photographer was sent by the editors of the regional newspaper Nieuwsblad van het Noorden to document the process of loading the containers. The Fulton Press is also using Ida's photographs.

Mr. Cornelis Molema explaining about the numbers the Molema's gave each of the already containerized individual parts of the windmill for reconstruction purposes.

Building Windmill De Immigrant Fulton Il

And again Mr. Cornelis Molema, standing inside one of the containers, and holding a window frame.

Building Windmill De Immigrant Fulton Il

As soon as photographs come available of the transportation by truck and the process of loading the trucks by means of a crane, they will be published here too.

The trucks with the containers holding the complete octagon will depart from the Molema workshop later this afternoon (May 5) and drive to the City of Veendam Railway Distribution Center at some 20 miles from the Molema workshop.

From Veendam the containers go to Rotterdam Terminal by rail and will be departing from Rotterdam harbor on May 8. The ocean container ship "Mor Canada" is expected to arrive (via Montreal) at Railhead Chicago around May 29.
From here the containers are transported by truck to arrive in Fulton on June 7, 1999.